Thursday, April 01, 2010

Oyasumi Nasai~ おやすみ

Hi Hi Goshuji-sama Ojou-Sama !!

Spring quarter had started for Mio and Mikan this week.
Like Mio had mention last entry, over Spring break Mio had a とても とても とても bad week >.< Some unpleasant incident happened that is quite upseting. So, Mio was really looking forward for Spring~ Fresh Start ^^ Mio cuts her bang in celebration <3


Mikan's roommate Ms.L finally graduated and moved out of the apartment this month. So we feel very empty without Ms.L >.<  Mio had been sleeping in Mikan's room to keep her company. Heh...because someone *cough MIKAN cough* was watching Nihongo Drama with ghost scene and scared her!

Today, Mio cleaned her room and rearrange all the furnitures. BIG PROJECT NE~ heh....
It was very messy and Mio have a lot of Moe things in her room.
This is the BEFORE picture: Messy .. Mio is almost done cleaning...will update the AFTER picture tomorrow XD
HEH...this is a big pile from Mio's Moe Box...where Mio keep her Hello Kitty, Kurumi, and other preious presents from her friends and Goshujin-Sama <3    Arigatou

Ooo....something cheerful during Mio's Spring Break is her wonderful friends <3 Mikan, Kchan, Koto, and many others....Mio was felt very special for being invited to the Los Angeles Little Tokyo Cherry Blossom Festival VIP Reception Dinner Party. Mio and couple other maids represented Animaid Cafe to attend this event because ---Ta Da... Animaid Cafe will be preforming on Sat 4/10 and featuring a Lolita Fashion Show on Sun 4/11. Mio would be going on Sunday only and will be modeling in the fashion show. Please come out and support us. Don't forget to say Hi to Mio if Goshuji-sama Ojou-sama ran into Mio <3

In Addition, Mini Mio also entered the Cherry Blossom Festival Dog Contest!  Please take time and vote for "MIO"~ However, is not the best photo of Mini Mio, she would not stand still for Mio to capture her cuteness ; _ ;


Here are some pictures from the VIP reception to share with Goshujin-Sama <3

おやすみ Good Night ~
Lovebu Lovebu Beam <3

3 Moe Beam:

mikan mimi (ミカン) said...

ah was fun! loved reception!

thankies for keeping me company <3 hyuhyuhyu~

Anonymous said...

cute ^^

Kurou said...

So roomy in here ^^