Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mio's Make Up Tutorial~

As Mio is an update!  It was a long day today...Mio was dead tired from school x_x  but Mio want to be true to her word...*crawl out of her comfy princess bed*

Mio was in a silly silent protest today to Mikan! Mikan was a meanie! but ish okay...we kiss and make up already...Mio is chillinig in Mikan's room, listening to music and sharing a drink while blogging...

So this is Mio's 1st Make Up Tutorial...hopefully Mio is doing this right...Mio learned how to put makeup on herself through trials and errors >w<    Please correct Mio if she is wrong in some steps...

-Smoky Night Out Look *Inspired by Mikan's subtle earthy tone*  (Mio is a color person XDD)

First, Mio primed her face with a primer then put on Missha B.B.Cream Watery SPF 27++. Mio fell in love with B.B. Cream when she brought it last month after a long resistant of giving it a try. It is very light and blend in well with Mio's color. The coverage is average, so Mio adds a light concealer to needed area and spots for a better coverage. It smells kind of floral, feminie...hard to put a finger on it...but is not too strong that you feel nauseous.

This is the texture- watery like is stated it is. Very easy to spread out.

This is with out flash.

This is with flash.

After having B.B.Cream, Mio sometime just go to class with one-ply of B.B. Cream on...It keeps Mio's skin looking smooth and minized the pores. Mikan ordered Skin79 Gold Caviar B.B.Cream last week...We are waiting for it in the mail :)  

Next, curl your eyelashes before applying any eye makeup. Mio found this easier and this way you won't dirty or smear your makeup. Then, apply your favorite black eyeliner to the as close as you can to the upper top lashes.

Mio uses Estee Lauder's Artist Eye Pencil in 01 Softsmudge Black.

Mio got this cool natural eyeliner "setter"? as a gift when Mio got her eyeshadow primer. The "setter" is a clear liquid that is suppose to set the eyeliner into waterproof. After that Mio apply the eyeshadow primer to ensure eye shadows to stay the whole night. :)

Mio is using her eyeshadow palette from Sugar, Tokidoki for Smashbox in Celebrita, and Lancome in 4Romance.

Mio first apply the darkest black shadow to the base of her eye on top of the liner. Blend it softly with you eyeliner. Second, take a shimmer light black and apply to the ball of your eyes. Start from the center then smooth it out to the edges.

Third, apply a dark brown on top of the soft shimmer black to create a bigger eye look.

Finally, Mio like to add a goldish shimmer on the brow bone for that popping effect. (Hopefully this part is clear, and Ojou-sama is getting what Mio is trying to achieve.

For the final steps is the lower eyeliner and put on falsies. Draw close to yout wateline and boarden  the corner od your eyes like a smiling cat eyes XD...add a bit of white liner to the front corner of the eyes for that cutsy japanese anime look. Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to your favorite falsies, blow on it for a couple seconds than apply it accordingly to the shape of your eye. **You can use falsies to push in a sort of way in creating a natural crease or the double fold*

Put on your favorite blush and lipgloss & you are good to go <3 Hope you have fun reading this tutorial and you actually learn something useful!

Nite Nite

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daidai bel said...

awww thanks hee will try it tomorrow hee

Mio~ said...

heh...Thank you for your comment...
It made me really happy <3

ERRi said...

Cuuuute~ I have to try one of these days(:

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

miochan wa kawaii desu ne~~! o(^-^)o

Mio~ said...

Mio could do a Erri make over <3 <3

Thank you Rabbito Chan <3 <3 ...
you are also very Kawaii :)