Friday, April 16, 2010

2 Weeks Updates :)

Ohiyo~ Goshujin-sama Ojou-sama!
Mio just came back from class today...Mikan & Mr. Gilbert both updated their blogs yesterday meaning Mio must catch up as well ^_^''
One of the reason Mio haven't been blogging was because Mio couldn't find her USB cord for her camera =-=" Gomen ne~ Mio couldn't upload pictures or charge her camera till now. Mio tend to lose things A LOT with the short-term memory of hers!!

Hopefully Mio will remember the events from the past 2 weeks from looking at the pictures and keep my Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama happy :)

You ready?? Let's Go~  *用心する☆Pictures Heavy*

After church on Sunday, Mr. Gilbert picked Mio up to eat lunch with Kchan, Kyosuke, and John. Mio was very excited because is her first time trying "Boiling Crab"-famous for their Lousiana crawfishs & shrimps. Mio ordered mild flavor shrimps and it was really spicy 香辛料. Everyone need to wear a bib while eating in this restaurant to avoid getting sauce on our clothings...*Mio forgot to take a picture of that*

Afterward, Mio's friend Jacky came over to visit Mini Mio Chan <3 *Isn't Mini Mio Chan so cute ^^*

Mio is back at the apartment with Mikan <3 We were busy preparing our newest maid-Erri 's birthday present! Erri is the cutest, prettiest and she is the baby of the maid cafe!! and Yes! She's mine XD She is absolutely adorable...Mio give her a nickname *Baby Star* It fits her perfectly! お誕生日おめでとう
Erri believes in loving all animals includes her favorite- pandacorn! XDD (panda + unicorn). So Mio work really hard in making her a plushie phone strape. (Sorry for the blurry pictures)
Mikan also made a black =-= kitty for Erri's birthday! It is so cute...Mikan is always better then Mio when it comes to DIY or sewing >.<

Mio also made a new head dress for her maid outfit while she was at it!


After looking at these pictures...let's switch gear --> FOOD shall we?? XDD

Mio Cookings:

 -Chicken Tofu Corn Stew <3  Yummy

-Cream Puff w/ Haagen Daaz Dulce de Leche Ice-cream filling <3


-Vietnamese meatball w/ honey grazed <3  *Dinner for 2 Darling Mikan*

Mio's Love!

-Mango Mochi

-Taro & Mochi Taikayi

**Notice that Mio really really really love chewy thingy like MOCHI!! <3 Mio will live off Mochi one day- mochi ice cream, japanese mochi, chinese mochi...etc any kind of mochi is welcome in Mio十's tummy XD

Cherry Blossom Festival is here!!  Mio was really happy to see her maid family again :) The Lolita Fashion Show was a success, all the girls are so pretty!! Mio feel like a doll when she was getting change by some maids for faster transition betweens models. @_@ Mio feel chubby when she saw her pictures...Nuu Nuu ; _ ;

Thank you again for those Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama who came out and supported Animaid Cafe. Mio had a little fan who asked to take pictures with at the end of the show. This had made Mio's day ^^ !!  Mio just adore kids and want to take every single one home!

Mr. Gilbert called and told Mio & Mikan that the famous Kogi Truck is going to be in the Rowland Height at 10:30pm. Being Foodies, of course Mio & Mikan wouldn't miss out such opportunity. Kogi Truck is a Los Angeles food fusion with Korean flavor- known for tacos, burritos, & Quesadillas! Mr. Gilbert was nice enough to drove 40 mins to get Mio & Mikan from the apartment, and then drove another 30 mins to Kogi! ありがとう!   Mikan named this Food Trips! Mio & Mikan get to ride in Mr. Gilbert's bling bling car w/ Swarovski Crystal & Hello Kitty! XDD

Yummy Food~ After "dinner", Mikan want to eat dessert- Shaved Ice precisely XDD...
We drove by a pretty, modern cafe and decided to try called Apo Apo :)
Mikan ordered Strawberry shaved ice w/ condensed milk and Mio ordered....of course! MOCHI....hahaha

Mr. Gilbert also shown us his new business card with our maids pictures printed on one side. They are absolutely adorable <3


Mio will take a break now! Too many pictures =-=" Should have update everyday to ease off the load!
Mio hope Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama enjoyed Mio's blog so far.

Stay tune for next blog on Mio's smokey eye make up tutorial!

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