Friday, March 26, 2010

Gomen Ne~

I am so sorry Goshujin-sama Ojou-sama....Mio been gone for couples of week to deal with personal matters. Mio is finally done with her Winter quarter with papers & exams. Mio is actually looking forward for a new start. Things been going up and down for Mio and mostly down.

Mio is lucky to have Mikan & all of her friends to support her through a tough time...

To cheer herself up...Mio is doing a spring cleaning XDD
Mio found alot of her stuff to be unused and just sitting there....So Mio is posting them up here in hoping to selling it off and buy herself a SEWING focus her time on making cosplay and new maid dress. So Please Email or Message Mio if you are interested in Mio's item.

Mio will only post her Shoes today...clothings and other will be follow these weeks...

I have a couple items on my hands that I either NEVER used or BARELY used and is in excellent condition to see if anyone is interested. I rather share these deals with you ladies first before I put them on Ebay.

1.) Sugar Women's Rockband Grande Crinkle Boot Size 7- BRAND NEW

Product Features:

synthetic leather
Rubber sole
Shaft measures approximately 15" from arch
Heel measures approximately 2"
Platform measures approximately 1"
Boot opening measures approximately 14" around

This is a nice boots because there is actually zippers on the inner side that you don't really have to deal with tie-ing shoe laces when you need to be in a hurry. They fit true to size- size 7 and you know that Sugar's shoes tend to be very comfy and cute. I love Nana's boots and is why I brought this in the first place.They are comfortable but is just never my style. I got it from Amazon with shipping for $55 on sale. I am selling this for $40 if any one is interested. <3

2. Soda Benito-S Black & White Zebra Buckled Ballet Flats- Size 7 - BRAND NEW

These adorable babies regular sale tag was $34.95 and I got it on sale for $20. It is still brand new in its box with the orginal wrapper and stuffers neatly packed. I just have too many flats and they can go home to you for $15 . Just let me know if you are interested.

3. Betsey Johnson's Betseyville Valecia Apple Green Lolita Heels- Size 7- BRAND NEW

This is absolutely a treasure <3 Who doesn't LOVE Betsey's creation. This pair of heels is very doll like and I have one in hot pink that is also brand new and is debating if I really want to keep it or not. But for right now, I'll share this green pair with you ladies.

This cutesy pump begins with a wooden heel post for a sturdy start. A fun polka-dotted canvas upper forms a vamp strap and a matching bow that sits over the toe. Matching patent scalloping borders the vamp, with bright leather stitching throughout. Finally, an adorable patent strap criss-crosses at the back of the heel and sits on the ankle, adjusting with a metal buckle. Padded footbed. Synthetic upper. Nonskid outsole. 4 1/4" wooden heel.

The regular price of these heels was $79.95. If you like it, I am willing to sell it for $40. It's absolutely worth your pennies.

4. Forever21 Point Toe Flats in Chrome (Grey)- Size 7 - BRAND NEW

Last I checked this color is not avaiable online anymore. It is a really pretty color but I guess I have wide feet ; _ ; ... It feel a tad tight to me....It could be yours for $10


Love Love

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Good Day for Mio Chan~

Hihi Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama!

Mio had a really good day today~ Mio did pretty well on her midterm and her quiz! Mio was silly enough to went to the wrong classroom thinking she need to go to her Thursday class =-=" After realizing this Mio need to walk from the North of the campus all the way to the South of the campus in less then 10 mins! aiya~

Mio got home and decided to make dinner. <3 But first Mio need to wash all the dishes before she can cook. OMG...Mikan burned a pot of congee last night and it Mio 45 minutes to scraped it clean >.<

Enough of that part, Mio made "Shrimp Angelhair Pasta with Bacon White Cream Sauce" and it was delicious <3

Then for dessert, Mikan had these ripen bananas sitting on the counter, So Mio decided to make "Banana Bread". It came out beautifully and the edge was always the best part :)

Mio can really cook <3 heh... Mio hope to serve my Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama at the next event!
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Good Night <3