Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Alice in Wonderland~

こんにちは Goshujin-sam Ojou-sama...

Mio is back! Yosh~  It has been a crazy week for Mio as she tried to deal with her personal problems. But Mio could say that she will learn hard to move on and grow up! Sometime when the damage is done, there is really nothing you can do to try to save it. *sob*

Well...have Goshujin-sama Ojou-sama been faithfully following Mio's blog and checking on her?? :) Mio have over 700 viewers now~ Yay...need to catch up with Mikan Hime's 1000 viewers!

Since Mio's was been gone ...Kchan, Mr. Gilbert, Mikan, Kaname, Jolie and a lot of other Mio's lovely friends has trying to help Mio cope and cheer up. ありがとうございます....Mio will be better!

Enough ranting :) Time for photo blogging <3

Last weekend, Mio had an awesome time with Kchan, Kyosuke, Mr. Gilbert and Mikan for dinner at "Stinking Rose". It is a famous restaurant in Hollywood for their garlic specialty...Mio is a vampire! So Mio dont' like garlic...But it is like heaven to Kchan and Mikan since they Love garlic.

See!! They season their garlic with food!  Not season food with garlic!

Surprisingly, Mio actually enjoy the garlic spread with the soft bread <3

Mio ordered Sea Bass with lemon butter caper sauce XDD...Mio tasted no garlic in her dish! Yay~

Mikan ordered Garlic crusted Baby back covered with garlic and Mikan loved it...See before and after pictures please XDDD...

It was also interesting to try garlic camarel ice-cream! It was complimentry from the house to let us girls to try. How cute ^_^  But Mio don't like it at was so strong garlic favor...Yuck :p

When the check come, there were these colorful mini chewy candy as breath mint.
<3 Mio took one of each color ...hahahah

After dinner, Mr.Glibert invited us to continue our VIP status XDD... We all went to a lounge and had a good time...

(Mio's wearing :
Dress by Forever21
Clutch from Marc by Marc Jacob
Black heels w/ bow by Forever21)
(Mikan's wearing:
Silk Blouse by Everly
Short by C'est toi
Clutch by Coach
Suede Boots by Jessica Simpson)

 Thank you again for all the love <3

Mio of course shop while she is depress, but she also got some presents from her lovies <3
Kchan give Mio a set of Hello Kitty's lunch boxes...It is so cute!

As of the Marc by Marc Jacob Mio's new for Mikan--> her new favorite is the Coach clutch she got...she is going everywhere with it XDD..

Mio also got a really cool skirt from H&M when she was shopping with Jolie. It is versatile and cheap. Only $9.95 USD. There were 5 colors available, but know Mio...she choose Black. :)

You can wear it as a skirt, a high wasit skirt, or as a flow-ie top. Mio tried all the look and it works!

Mio also got a cute dusty rose headband to go with alot of her outfit. <3 <3 <3

This is it for now Goshujin-sama Ojou-sama....Your Mio is please check Mio's blog more often now :)  Love Love Love

P.S- Mio is obsess with Alice in the Wonderland lately...Must do a photoshoot for it soon! XD

2 Moe Beam:

mikan mimi (ミカン) said...

was fun night! and loved your outfit dear! muah muah~!

gi1butt said...

Up in VIP, Drinks on me!

we will shoot soon!