Sunday, February 28, 2010


Mio did a photoshoot today with Mikan & Kai. Mio also had a special guest to shoot with her...ta ta ta was Mini-Mio chan...heh ....she was so cute today <3

She was trying to chase some kids and bikers XD but half of the time she was sitting on the bench.

Mio had a good weekend so far, how about the Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama?? It was raining pretty hard on saturday though. As Mio was working, she gets to look outside at a local parade. The police closed the road so people can sit and watch the parade. It was really bad when it start raining...seeing the kids and babies got all wet and yet still have to march down the road.

SGVN/Correspondent photo by William Hallstrom

Then after work, Mio went to hang out with her friends and played a bit of Ragnarok and Call of Duty. We ate a late late dinner around 11 pm...Eeek....Mio is going to get fat fat fat.

After all these bad weather and disasters this week, Mio was really glad the sun come out today and it was really nice weather!! Yay! After church, was the photoshoot-we went to the Santa Fe Dam. Mio took maid pictures and causal waiting patiencely for Mr.Photographer to edit them XD *Don't forget to make me skinner!!*

*Here is a sneak peek for my Goshujin-sam & Ojou-sama*

<3 Mio

P.S- Mio is going to try to make souffle this week! wish me luck

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